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Auto Engine Repair in Bozeman, MT

Your engine repairs should only be completed by an experienced and certified mechanic. You shouldn’t risk the performance of your engine by relying on any sort of temporary or DIY repair. Twisted Wrenches provides standard and diesel engine repair services in Bozeman, Montana and the surrounding areas. You can trust our crew to accurately diagnose the issue that's causing the problem, and then provide an effective solution.

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Diesel engine repairs can be more complex than those of gasoline engines. They are overall more efficient designs, so if any elements fails it really puts a monkey wrench in the works. For the driver, noticing an issue can be difficult (as diesel engines are often louder), but you should try and take note of:

• Sub-standard RPMs
• Slower crank time
• Smoke or foul odors
• Strange noises

You can count on our team to diagnosis and inform you about the issue, and suggest the right engine repair as a solution. Whether it’s a worn cylinder, a faulty glow plug or a bad turbocharger, we’ll provide a long-lasting fix.

Let’s get started on your engine repair – call our Bozeman diesel engine repair crew today to arrange a time for service.